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Days of Guangzhou solar technology development limited

Days of Guangzhou solar technology development limited

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12V200AH solar battery
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Updated: 2012-10-22  Valid:Long-term effective

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Features Features

Maintenance-free without rehydration

Maintenance free and without liquid added

Wide temperature (-15-45 ° c)

wide range of adaptation temperature (-15-45℃)

Design of long life (5-8)

long design life (5-8 years)

Safe and explosion-proof

safety explosion-proof

No free electrolyte, 90 ° can still use

no free electrolyte and can be still useful when the side down of 90 °

Internal resistance is small, high rate discharge performance

Small internal resistance and good performance of high current discharge

Low self discharge

Small self-discharge

Charging factory, easy to use

charged before they leave the factory and easy to use

Unique formula, deep discharging recovery performance

Unique formula and good performance of deep-discharge recovery

Attention attention

Rated capacity (1C10 hours) averages obtained for under 25 ° c, you can use the charge, recycles more than 10 times;

Nominal capacity (1C10-hour rate) is obtained at 25℃on average, can accept more than 10 times of charge and discharge cycle use

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