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Xuyang Francesco Redi daiwenchao Jiangxi province high-tech company limited

Solar polysilicon ingot and polycrystalline silicon-chip research and development

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Xuyang Francesco Redi in Jiangxi province high-tech company limited was founded on June 11, 2008, is a focus on Solar polysilicon ingot and polycrystalline silicon film development, production and sales of high-tech photovoltaic enterprises, company project covers an area of nearly thousand acres, plans a total investment of 11.5 billion, construction produce 4GW polycrystalline, monocrystalline, slicing production line, after the completion of project annual production is expected to reach $ 36 billion. Company has the world's most advanced polycrystalline silicon solar wafer manufacturing processes, technologies and equipment, is currently building one of the biggest photovoltaic enterprises in Jiangxi province. Company is committed to the development of China's most influential in the field of new energy PV company.
In view of the company in the long-term, high speed development of Jiujiang, looking forward and high salaries to recruit passionate, confident, creative and capable peo... [Detailed Introduction]
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